Step 3 Protect - Inkcare Anti-Fade Moisturiser with Sunscreen

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Preserve clarity and colour in your tattoo by moisturising and protecting it from the sun.

Inkcare Tattoo Anti-Fade Moisturiser is a light moisturising cream with sunscreen to keep your skin healthy and your tattoo bright.  Part of the Inkcare Premium Tattoo Aftercare Range.

Tattoo Anti-Fade Moisturiser with Sunscreen SPF15

After the tattoo is healed use Inkcare ™ Anti-fade Moisturiser with Sunscreen SPF15 everyday to extend the life, clarity and colour of your tattoo.

Creating the optimal outcome for your tattoo is critical in the first 45 days after your tattoo while the ink continues to stabilise in the dermal layer.  During this time it is essential that you use only products that are specifically formulated for use on tattoos.  This hydrating moisturising cream contains no drying or drawing agents commonly found in off-the-shelf sunscreens, which may otherwise impact on the ink retention.  By keeping your tattoo well hydrated and your skin healthy, you will minimise inflammatory responses that carry ink away in those 45 days.  

The sunscreen in Inkcare Anti-fade Moisturiser with Sunscreen will also protect your tattoo from the it's lifelong enemy - the sun.  Without suitable protection the ink in tattoos can be broken down by the sun's radiation resulting a faded appearance.  Use Inkcare™ Anti-fade Moisturiser with Sunscreen regularly to keep you tattoo looking its best for as long as possible.  

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