Inkcare Tattoo After Care Products

Inkcare Tattoo After Care Products

Inkcare is a unique Australian range of tattoo aftercare products designed specifically to protect and preserve the tattoo's colour and clarity for longer.

Looking after a new tattoo when it is fresh is the best way to ensure the definition, clarity and longevity of the tattoo. For the best long term results use Inkcare products to care for your new tattoo and keep your artwork, clear bright and defined long into the future.

Follow these three simple principles to care for tattoos:

  • Soothe the tattooed area and allow the skin to heal as quickly as possible to minimize the amount of ink that your body removes from the tattoo during the healing process. Don't dilute or draw out the ink while the area is healing (this means don't use products that aren't designed for tattoo healing i.e. standard antiseptics, nappyrash creams, first aid creams, petroleum jelly products. Avoid water based products, choose an oil based cream.)
  • Keep the skin clean to prevent irritation and infection of the new tattoo (don't use standard soap, use preparations which are antibacterial but mild and preferably with specific ingredients that are anti-irritants).
  • Moisturize the newly tattooed skin and protect it from the sun (don't use sunscreens with Titanium dioxide or zinc oxides on tattoos less than 45 days old - which are found in most sunscreen products)

Inkcare products are sold exclusively through tattoo studios, so ask your tattooist for our product or you can order online with us direct on this site.