200g Professional Pack - Inkcare After Tattoo Soothing Balm

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This 200g Professional Pack is large enough for full back or may be useful if multiple tattoos are being done on one occassion.  Tattooist can use this product during the tattoo to sooth and help with swelling or as an antibacterial gliding agent.  This product is derived from 100% natural ingredient.  

Inkcare After Tattoo Soothing Balm 

Use InkCare ™ After Tattoo Soothing Balm to ensure the best possible results in terms of definition and clarity for your tattoo during the very important healing process. Formulated with D-Panthenol (Pro-vitamin B5), Vitamin E, Clove Oil and Aloe Vera, InkCare After Tattoo Soothing Balm is based on the best natural ingredients. Goji Berry and Vitamin E are added to provide a rich source of anti-oxidants which will mop up damaging free radicals that are produced during the tattooing process.

Discard this product 3 months after opening.  


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