Inkcare After Tattoo Soothing Balm Box of 16 x 70g tubes

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Display Box with 16 tubes of After Tattoo Soothing Balm 70g.  This is generally enough fo a 10-14 day healing period for larger tattoo's such as thighs, full sleeves etc.  

Inkcare After Tattoo Soothing Balm 

Use InkCare ™ After Tattoo Soothing Balm to ensure the best possible results in terms of definition and clarity for your tattoo during the very important healing process. Formulated with D-Panthenol (Pro-vitamin B5), Vitamin E, Clove Oil and Aloe Vera, InkCare After Tattoo Soothing Balm is based on the best natural ingredients. Goji Berry and Vitamin E are added to provide a rich source of anti-oxidants which will mop up damaging free radicals that are produced during the tattooing process.

InkCare ™ After Tattoo Soothing Balm contains no drawing, diluting or carrying agents which may diminish the end result of the tattooing process.


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