Step 2 Cleanse - Inkcare After Tattoo Soap Free Wash Box

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Inkcare Tattoo Soap-Free Wash

Inkcare recommend that new tattoos are cleaned with a mild, soap-free wash to maximize the body’s own healing process.  InkCare ™ Soap-Free Tattoo Wash is mild to avoid irritation, and provides a worry free regime for your post tattoo care.

Our skin is a barrier protecting the body from the outside world.  When the skin is broken, as happens during tattooing, the barrier is susceptible to “invaders” such as bacteria.  Many bacteria that are found on the skin under normal conditions may actually be beneficial to skin health BUT once the skin is broken these so called “good bacteria” can become opportunistic pathogens and set up an infection.  Natural anti-bacterial ingredients in InkCare ™ Soap-Free Tattoo Wash, such as clove bud oil and Rosemary oil assist in keeping new tattoos free from infection.

The skin not only keeps nasties out but also holds moisture in.  So after tattooing the broken skin allows the body to lose moisturizer rapidly from the affected area.  This allows the skin to dry out which further weakens the barrier making it even more susceptible.

Many soaps can dry the skin and contribute to weakening the skin barrier.  InkCare ™ Soap-Free Tattoo Wash is designed with natural surfactants to clean the area gently without drying it out.  The soothing agents such as Allantoin (Comfrey extract) and Bisabolol (Chamomile extract) help to calm the freshly tattooed skin.

An important but often overlooked component of tattoo aftercare is the cleaning of a new tattoo.  Ensure you keep the tattoo clean and infection-free without drying the skin.  Use the Inkcare™ Premium Tattoo Aftercare 3 Step Process for a simple worry-free solution to tattoo aftercare.

Available in small 25g or large 70g tubes.